The first thing you must do if you are going to be successful in

sim racing is conditioning your brain into being that racing 

driver that is going to win. Whatever is going on in your life you must exclude it.

Categorizing your brain into what you are doing at that specific moment and you and the car must be one. Get the feel of your equipment so it becomes part of you.

​As we develop this site we will start to add tips from those that are playing specific races and how they got over their mistakes but as we said practice , practice , practice . It will help you get better.

Sim Racing .Tips

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You will find , as in all skills,​practice , practice , practice

is how you learn to get better. Remember where you make a mistake and practice till you do not.

Do not put yourself down by making mistakes it is just part of the learning practice. As you develop you will get better. Believe in yourself.